Dahlia Coaching Session For 30 minutes

Dahlia Coaching Session For 30 minutes

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Its important to set your mind right as you work towards overcoming your goals. Through breathwork, vibrational music and goal setting, we will work together to set the intentions and path towards a more enlightened today.

Experience for yourself how our spiritual society coaches can help you overcome the blocks you are experiencing in life to reduce the stress and anxiety you have.

We first start off with getting to know each other and the goals you would like to set on the all.

Secondly, we then dive deep into the breathwork and chakras that are blocking you

Lastly, we dive into the path forward and setting the intentions you need to reduce the stress and anxiety you have to help you reach all types of goals; relationship,work,life and even travel


The difference between a 20 minute and 30 minute session will be how much time we have to go over each step. 


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